Talon's KenzerCo Illustration Credits

Kingdoms of Kalamar

  • Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene
  • Stealth & Style
  • Divine Masters
  • Svimohzia (unpublished)
  • Khydoban (unpublished)

Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine

  • Cover, #132

Kenzer & Company, publishers of the D&D setting, Kingdoms of Kalamar, and the popular comic strip digest magazine, Knights of the Dinner Table, has the distinction of being one of the few of my clients who sought me out themselves after seeing my work posted online. I used the move to a new company as an excuse to experiment a little with various drawing techniques. So far, I have approached no two KenzerCo projects the same way, working in everything from inkwash to brushed graphite to Copic markers. Unfortunately, a good deal of my KenzerCo work remains unpublished, but I remain optimistic that it will one day see print.

Kingdoms Of Kalamar © Kenzer & Company