Over the years, my client-list has included several small-press and start-up companies. Occasionally, these clients will even be from outside the gaming industry (such as the cover to the British comic book, Alien Safeword by Good Cat/Bat Cat LLC), but such is unusual at best. Roleplaying games are definitely my staple industry and I'm happy and proud to be involved with them.
Talon's Miscellaneous Illustration Credits

Eden Studios

  • All Flesh Must Be Eaten
    • Fistful O' Zombies
  • Terra Primate
    • Corebook

Evil Hat Productions

  • The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game
    • Rulebook (unpublished)

Good Cat/Bad Cat LLC

  • Alien Safeword #1 (cover, unpublished)

Dark Quest Games

  • Crown Campaign
    • Rulebook (unpublished)

Polymancer Studios

  • Polymancer Magazine (cover, unpublished)

Crown Campaign © Dark Quest Games. All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Terra Primate © Eden Studios. The Dresden Files RPG © Evil Hat Productions. Alien Safeword © Good Cat/Bad Cat LLC. Polymancer Magazine © Polymancer Studios