I did my first job for WOtC in 1999 after showing my portfolio to the art director of the Legends of the 5 Rings collectable card game, a popular WOtC product at that time. I completed work for six separate L5R releases, (although one set did not contain my cards) from 1999 to 2001, totaling in 23 illustrations.

More recently (2008), I accepted an offer from WOtC to do several NPC portraits for the Star Wars RPG website. It was a lot of fun to do Star Wars art again after all these years (see the WEG page) and I hope that they liked them well enough to give me more work in the future.

Talon's WOtC Illustration Credits

Star Wars RPG Saga Edition

  • "Bounty Postings 1-4" -web supplement
  • "Bounty Postings 5-9" -web supplement

Legend of the 5 Rings CCG

  • Ambition's Debt (2 cards, one published as Imperial Edition, one unpublished)
  • Fire & Shadow (3 cards)
  • Soul of the Empire (4 cards)
  • Spirit Wars (5 cards)
  • Imperial Edition (5 cards, one published as Crimson & Jade, one as An Oni's Fury)
  • A Perfect Cut (4 cards, one published as An Oni's Fury, one unpublished)

Star Wars ™ & © Lucasfilm, Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. COURTESY OF LUCASFILM, LTD. Legend of the 5 Rings © Alderac Entertainment Group.