Ah, the late, great West End Games. It was the original incarnation of this company that gave me my first big break in 1997, drawing for a Star Wars RPG book. As an old-school Star Wars fan, that was a treat. I did a total of four projects for them, three for Star Wars and one for the Men In Black RPG, but, unfortunately, WEG closed up shop before the final two could be published.

In 2004, I began to take work from the latest incarnation of WEG, starting with their first release, D6 Adventure. I'm hoping that this new WEG is more successful than the last and that I will continue to work for them in the future.

Talon's WEG Illustration Credits

Star Wars The Roleplaying Game

  • Tapani Instant Adventures
  • Hideouts & Strongholds
  • Adventure Journal #17 - "Love is a Warm Blaster..." (unpublished)

Men In Black The Roleplaying Game

  • MIB Gear (unpublished)

D6 System

  • D6 Adventure
  • D6 Fantasy
  • D6 Space Aliens
  • D6 Space: Fires of Amatsumara
  • D6 Adventure Creatures
  • D6 Magic (unpublished)


  • Revised & Expanded

Star Wars © Lucasfilm LTD • Men In Black © Sony Entertainment • D6 System, TORG © West End Games