These character portraits, taken from Talon's own character sheets (or drawn for friends) are available for downloading and importing into the character sheets found in the Character Sheet Archive.  They may not be distributed or used for any other purpose.  All art is by Talon Dunning.  To download, click on the image to isolate it, then right-click and choose "Save Image as..."
Sci-Fi/Modern/World of Darkness
Why are there so many female characters?  As stated above, most of these are from my own character sheets and I just happen to play a lot of female characters.  That's really all there is to it.
Why are the sizes inconsistent?  These all came from different sheets with different sized portrait boxes, so the proportions are different.  They have, however, all been sized to 6" across at 72 dpi.
Why so big?  In order to retain print quality.  Don't worry...  When you import them into the sheets, they should resize to fit the space.
Will you draw my character?  Sorry, but I don't take online commissions.  I do, however, take them in person at various sci-fi and pop-culture convention appearances.  For a list of this year's scheduled appearances, check out my deviantART page HERE.
What's with the one character with the scarred/empty eye? Why are there so many pics of her in both sections?  That's Roxanne D'aramis, the StormWitch, a character I've been playing for a long time. She started out as an NPC in the TORG adventure, War's End, but I adopted her and made her into a reality-hopping adventurer.  Every few years I remake her under a new system for a different game.  So far she's been played under RIFTS, D&D 3.0, Mutants and Masterminds, HERO System, GURPS, Numenera/Cypher, and Pathfinder 1e.  I'm currently playing her in a Dark Matter campaign, which is a great sci-fi D&D 5E setting published by Mage Hand Press.  She's in both sections because she's a multiple-genre character, blending cyberpunk and fantasy.
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